With an emphasis on diversity and unlocking the potential within our local, underserved communities, the Robert J. McGuire Scholarship at St. Francis College fortifies our mission of making possible the gift of education, extends our reach and increases the number of dreams that can be converted into real life accomplishments.

 Thanks to the overwhelming generosity and vision of Fred & Judy Wilpon, in cooperation with Robert J. McGuire, founders of this initiative, we invite you to participate in a $1.2 million challenge grant as a “McGuire Benefactor–Partner.” This philanthropic partnership has already raised an initial pool of scholarship funds totaling $1,200,000 which was awarded to 30 incoming freshmen at St. Francis College.. This second challenge initiative will bring the total pool of funds to $2,400,000 and change the lives of up to 60 students who would not have had the opportunity to attend college without this scholarship support.

To join the team, help us answer the challenge and give more McGuire scholars the chance of a lifetime - please follow this link