Brooklyn United Ties was founded by Aki Ashe, who couldn't find any ties to wear to work so he befriended his dry cleaning service lady, who was a retired seamstress, to help him make his first handful of neckties.  From him wearing his neckties to work and around New York City they gained interest quickly.  He then decided to start a neckwear business.  Since starting the business he has studied at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and has written two books.  He is the author of The Power of Perception and How to Tie a Tie.

Brooklyn United Ties manufactures and wholesales quality neckwear and accessories.  Our accessory collection includes neckties, bow ties, pocket squares, scarves, and  socks.  Every year we give back by donating ties and scarves to churches and those in need.  



*We fulfill mostly wholesale order 1,000pcs, 10,000, & 20,000 pcs orders