"Enriching The Lives Of Others"

Where Our Story Begins….

Like any great company Brooklyn United Ties began with an experience.  One morning while the founder Aki Ashe was getting dressed for work  he could not find a tie to match his suit.  He always liked wearing a brand new tie and the ones he had were old, wrinkly, and falling apart.  With that an idea was born. With the help of a retired seamstress he created his first line of ties.

His designs were unique and eye catching, earning several compliments and offers to pay for his exclusive handmade ties.   He saw this as an opportunity, and Brooklyn United Ties was born.  Despite a lack of start up capital to make advanced products, he gradually made enough profits to reinvest back into the company.

Who We Are Now….

Brooklyn United Ties offers a diverse selection of ties for a diverse group of people with varying styles to improve your self-image, self worth, and self-confidence.  We improve upon the tie business by  providing more distinctive designs that cater to many different types cultures and people.

Each design holds a story.  We pick certain colors and patterns to evoke emotions within yourself as well as  help cultivate how people perceive you.  We are a manufacturer "Made in America" and all of our ties are handmade stitch by stitch.  

How We Give Back….

Giving back to our community is a value Brooklyn United Ties strongly believes in. We provide help with resume writing, Dress for Success workshops, and tie instructional workshops.  We donate accessories to individuals in need during the hours of these workshops. We partner with the Brooklyn Public Library to assist in job placement for those in need. 

Our Mission...

Brooklyn United Ties mission is to enrich the lives of others.  We will do this in tangible ways, by offering quality neckwear to consumers, financial opportunities to our independent sales force and fulfilling careers to our employees.  We will also reach out to the heart and spirit of individuals enabling personal growth and fulfillment for the lives we touch.  We will carry out our mission in a spirit of caring, living the positive values on which our Company is built.

Our Vision...

Our vision is to create quality neckwear and use them as a tool to serve others worldwide starting with our local community.

Our Founder...

akipng.pngGrowing up as an African-American male, Aki C. Ashe was taught the value of perception.  Knowing he would be judged by others, Ashe learned to carry himself with style and class.  Since he knew he would be perceived a certain way this allowed him to make sure he was dressed for success daily to avoid any negative judgements. 

These are things that were taught in his family for a long time.  Dressing in suits and ties for most of his life, he was always conscious of how he presented himself.  Ashe was aware that a sharp suit or tie could make all the difference in the world.                                  Aki C. Ashe