Our Mission

In today’s world, perception is king, and without proper attire amazing careers will pass us by. Brooklyn United Ties’ founder Aki Ashe learned this lesson firsthand, which is why we provide luxurious but affordable American-made ties, as well as work with non-profits to help further the community.

Aki’s Story

Aki Ashe, the founder and CEO of Brooklyn United Ties, was born in Poughkeepsie, New York, in a struggling African-American family of eight.

Aki’s mother made sure to teach him about the realities of perception; the way he looks and presents himself is how the world will think of him. He didn’t quite understand at the time, but they trusted her word.

Still in his teens, a young Aki made the leap to New York City. He was becoming established, but eventually began to feel the pressures of city-life looming over him. As the bills piled up, job prospects dwindled and Aki found himself in a bind.

After months of struggling to get employed in the corporate world, he finally realized his problem. He was going into interviews wearing a respectable suit but forgot a key item—he had overlooked the value of a great tie.

Finances were nearly diminished and food was running thin, but within a week of purchasing his new tie, Aki landed the spot he needed. He was afforded some much-needed stability and confidence.

He reflected on how his appearance had been so important in landing his new position; Aki never went to an interview missing his tie again.

After some success, Aki ended up with a drawer full of ties that were falling apart. He purchased a yard of quality fabric, and with the help of a retired seamstress he had befriended at the dry-cleaner she owned, the two created his first handful of ties together.

Aki found his handmade ties didn’t end up a ripped mess like the ones he’d thrown out. He set out with the goal of creating hand-stitched ties that would last--and longer than just a few months.

His creations were turning heads when he wore them and people started to ask where he got such unique, fashionable ties; he realized then that there was a demand for his hand-sewn luxury ties and Brooklyn United Ties was born.

What We Do

Our ties are made in America from the highest quality fabrics and sewn stitch by stitch to last. Not only do we purvey a quality product for the established tie-connoisseur, we work with non-profits regularly, creating custom designed ties tailored to their needs.

A gold-satin backing elegantly lines every piece, because we understand the value of our customers. We aim to provide the gold standard to all of our clients, and whenever that backing proudly flashes out, everyone will know you’re wearing a handmade Brooklyn United Tie.

*Call us at (347) 470-9374 or email us at info@brooklynunitedties.com for your necktie, bow tie, and/or scarf needs.