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unspecified-5.jpgAki C. Ashe, founder and CEO of Brooklyn United Ties, is shaking up the world of high-fashion accessories with his direct-to-consumer sales model which offers luxurious but affordable ties, hand-sewn in the USA.               

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Aki was born into a struggling African-American family in Poughkeepsie, New York. He was taught the importance of being well dressed at a young age and carried this lesson into his adult life, where it helped form the foundation of Brooklyn United Ties.

 Before diving into the world of a self-made fashion designer, Aki attended classes at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) where he honed his perceptive eye and sharpened his sense of style.

 Aki came to the realization that his store-bought ties all ended up falling to pieces in his drawer, so with the help of a retired seamstress he had befriended, the two created his first hand-made ties together.

 Aki’s original designs caught on like wildfire and he saw a growing demand for American made, hand stitched ties that stood out. What started out as crafting long-lasting ties for himself on his kitchen table evolved into supplying them for countless style-conscious clients.

In addition to providing elegant, top-shelf neckwear at reasonable prices, Aki creates custom designed ties to help non-profits meet their goals and caters to businesses with ties tailored to their specific needs.

 *Call us at (347) 470-9374 or email us at for your necktie, bow tie, and/or scarf needs. 

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aaeaaqaaaaaaaaouaaaajge0ytaznwrlltq4njgtnguyys05ndjmltjjmdi1m2q0mdk4oq.jpgIllustrator and Graphic Designer, specializing in brand identity and character development. As a Graphic Designer my work and play is to make visual communication practical. 

Since 2004, I've taught Design and Fine Arts classes in NYC's schools and youth programs. 

I head niceroots a creative service brand management and design consulting small business. Providing user experience in the development of soft goods, textile prints, infographics, social media advertising and apparel design.