Aki C. Ashe holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration with a minor in Economics at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. His fashion career was catalyzed by his entrepreneurial spirit, which began to flourish at the early age of 15. Ashe would sell retail jeans with handcrafted designs made by him to his fellow classmates, for some extra bucks.

After that, he brushed up his skills by attending FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in Manhattan, where he took courses on: fashion design, international business, importation, exportation, manufacturing, etc.

As a strong believer in the “dress for success” model, that started innocently at home, where his mother would encourage him to always leave a good impression by being: clean, pristine and well dressed, Ashe has made a business out of instructing and inspiring others to do the same, not only to triple their chances in the workplace, but at the very least be given a chance in a world that “judges a book by its cover”.


Ashe most recently published his first book on “dressing for success”. He takes you along his personal journey of building a life of success, where placing high standards for oneself and living up to those standards, becomes a solid foundation to pave one’s way in a competitive world. THE POWER OF PERCEPTION, How Dressing For Success Can Transform Your Life is now available for purchase on Paperback version and Kindle.