How do I use Brooklyn United Ties for fundraising?
We offer you the ties at the wholesale price and the profit made will go to the cause or organization of your choice.
Do I need to be part of a non-profit?
No! You can use Brooklyn United Ties to raise money for a cause not associated with a charity. For instance: Classroom supplies, class field trip, Fraternities and Sororities, or any other cause that you would like to raise money for.
Do I have to pay for the ties/scarves upfront?
No. You can do a fundraiser based on pre-orders but you need to confirm inventory with our General Manager, please email
Can I create custom ties or scarves for a fundraiser?
Yes and it's the best option! The minimum order quantity is 50 ties/scarves and we're happy to discuss program options with you.
How does the profit work for a custom watch?
You determine the price of your custom products and all profits go to the charity or cause of your choice.
If I'm not in college, can I still be a rep?
Yes of course! We prefer that you're either in college or about to start school. However, we would never say no to a fan!
Can I use Brooklyn United Ties for college credit?
Yes and once you're accepted, we'll explain further on how we can get you set up. It's probably the coolest project you'd ever do. 
How will I get paid as a college rep?
Once you're accepted, we'll send your unique rep code to share. When your friends use your code, we'll give them a discount and you'll get paid!
How much time is required to be a rep?
As much or as little as you'd like to make it. We do require our reps to be active on Facebook and/or Instagram. The program works on a semester basis. 
Can I invite my friends to be reps? 
Yes, please do! 
Email to get started with your opportunity today!