Dress For Success Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Dress For Success Workshop – THE POWER OF PERCEPTION: HOW DRESSING FOR SUCCESS CAN TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE (0 crs. 0-3 credits) Unfair as it may be, we judge other and, in turn, we are judged on appearance.   The good news is that is one area of our lives where we can take the wheel and make significant changes that will positively impact our careers. This fast-paced, lively course offers participants sound advice and simple steps they can take to immediately transform their professional image.  

Source materials: The textbook is The Power Of Perception: How Dressing For Success Can Transform Your Life, 1st edition, By Aki Ashe. ISBN: 9781717166364 / 9781717166364, Student must have pencil and paper to take notes in class. Students must have to be on time to class. (your cell phone calculator is not allowed).

Outcomes Students will:

-Explain how having a professional appearance can boost the chance for workplace success

-Understand the difference between appropriate and inappropriate business attire

-Know the components of traditional business dress for men and women.

-Define “business casual” dress as the term applies to their workplace. 

-Distinguish crucial grooming considerations that are part of a professional presence.

-Recognize the role of accessories in maintaining a professional appearance.

-Locate resources for shopping and services.

-Develop a personal action plan to improve their professional image.

-Appreciate behaviors beyond clothing choices that contribute to a positive business image including body language, vocal tones, and personal habits.

Colleges/University we work with:

-St. Francis College

-John Jay College of Criminal Justice

-Kingsborough Community College 

If you are interested in having our program or workshops apart of your school please email us at info@brooklynunitedties.com