Readers Become Leaders

Children who read have a definite advantage as adults, especially in today’s business world. They become leaders.

Readers turn into leaders for five reasons.

  • Better thinkers

A reader acquires knowledge. Knowledge enables you to keep your perspective and recognize opportunities. Readers also sharpen judgment and problem-solving skills.

  • People skills

When we read a story, we get the chance to walk in someone else’s shoes and see the world through his life experiences. These insights about human nature make all the difference in understanding and relating to people.

Brain studies show that as we connect with characters in books, our brains are making neural connections that endure for days.

Reading improves our emotional IQ. It enables us to identify with others and therefore increases our empathy. Empathy is critical to strong leadership. Empathy enables us to understand motivations and set business goals. It also enables leaders to become better team builders.

  • Communication skills

The language skills gained by reading improve both speaking and writing. This improved vocabulary enables a leader to use more persuasive words and motivate others to cooperate.

  • Relaxation

Reading causes relaxation, an essential key to stress management. It allows us to escape from our stressors.

  • Mental sharpness

Reading keeps us mentally sharp as we age. Exercising mentally by reading might also prevent dementia.


Reading is the only activity with all of these benefits. The habit of reading begins in childhood. I began reading at age 3 to escape the stress of the constant arguing in my home. At age 5 ½, I started reading the chapter book National Velvet. When I read that book, I was Velvet Brown, not the little girl whose parents constantly argued loudly at home. Reading that book enabled me to set high goals like Velvet did in the story.

The best way to become a valued leader is to read. Today’s readers are tomorrow’s leaders.

Surround a child with quality books he enjoys. He will owe you many thanks when he grows up.