How To Create A Tie Dimple

The mark of a well-tied tie, a dimple refers to the little fold just below the knot. Though it sounds like black belt sartorial origami, it only requires a little simple finger action.

When pulling the tie knot up towards your neck, grasp it either side with your thumb and index finger, leaving the forefinger free. This should be pressed into the top of the blade – the long, wider part of the tie – just below the knot and held there as the knot is moved up into its resting place.

The result is a small dimple that will stay in place as long as the tie is not loosened. Although it’s worth noting that the bigger the knot, the harder it is to produce a dimple.

“As well as being a style thing, a dimple does actually give a woven silk tie a shape that allows the fabric to catch the light,” says Gomilsek-Cole.