​Brooklyn United Ties Partners with the Robert J. McGuire Scholarship Winner

Brooklyn United Ties founder and author of The Power of Perception Aki Ashe partners with the The Robert J. McGuire Scholarship at St. Francis College founded by Fred & Judy Wilpon (New York Mets Owners) and Robert J. McGuire (former NYPD commissioner) which helps aid in the diversity and potential of students from across the New York City area to unlock 60 4-year scholarships to private colleges yet it’s so much more than tuition. Ashe’s The Power of Perception is conducive to building, and giving people the resources and tips on how to attain their goals regardless of circumstances that would pose difficulties in becoming successful.

Furthermore, within this mentorship program, Aki Ashe began mentoring McGuire Scholarship winner Jorge Palapa, a student who was born in Mexico and immigrated to New York at age 5. For Jorge as well, he expressed that Mexico was a bit of a struggle for him, leading for his family too come over seas for him to have a better life and greater opportunities. Although New York has countless opportunities, he also felt like it was hard due to the language barrier and how much more effort he had to put into things in order to get the same understanding as everyone else. Through dedication, and the will to continue growth and education, he is now thriving.

Subsequently, the endless possibilities such as attending events with their families, an academic advisor, obtaining a mentor to walk them through their career path, are all steps in garnering hope in immigrant and or impoverished communities as an education is a pivotal thing in a young adult’s life that sets precedence for the beginnings of a brighter future.